We can assume that our ideas, our thoughts, have little relevance . That our private world of thoughts and imagining are at best personally interesting but they could never be a way of acquiring real knowledge or data. But what if we are wrong, what if our present scientific assumptions about the nature of reality are wrong. What if we have it backwards. What if our thoughts,our imagination and dreams are actually the very source of material reality. What if we are able to direct our thoughts and focus them like a laser light on ourselves. On those areas of the human soul that have, here to for, remained a mystery. Death is certainly mysterious but I hope we can all agree that if death is something other than complete annihilation of consciousness then that something can be known with consciousness. Of this I am sure.

Many people have turned the corner away from scientific materialism and from religious dogma and are now ready to embrace new concepts about the nature of both physical and nonphysical reality.

I am writing this article for those who are now ready to hear about the very complex and beautiful universe that exists after death. My brief description will bring you through the various chambers of deaths mysterious domain. This vision was concieved in an out of body state and so it's source is entirely extra-dimensional.

Death is ultimately a private affair and I would never presume to know precisely what you will experience but the overall environment and the stages of death can be described. Life after death is very real, it is as valid a reality as love, hope, joy and sorrow. Regardless of anyone's stubborn denial of the existence of life after death nothing will prevent death's journey from taking place in exactly the way it is designed to. We all must eventually go there and reemerge from there over again and again until a much larger cycle is completed. Knowing what to expect may help make the journey less frightening.

What is death? The best way I can describe death is to say that death is an extension of life into the unknown.

The very first thing that happens when you die is that you find yourself suddenly in a new body. The body that you will be given in death is much like the body you may sometimes find yourself in during an out of body adventure. Your new body will feel very real and solid to the touch but it will none the less be able to penetrate other seemingly solid objects. It may surprise you to know that all of your physical bodies sensory and intellectual powers are simply a physical extension of the very same sensory powers operating in your spiritual body. There is no exterior phenomenon, either physical or mental, that does not have its counterpart in the spiritual realm. It is important to understand that spirit always precedes matter, so when you are dead you see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and feel, even better than when you are alive.

So with this new solid but slightly less material body you will see and hear and feel but you will also notice that you will be unable to operate your spirit body within three dimensional reality. This is true even if you are still able to perceive various aspects of earth life shortly after death. Your new body may feel strange to you at first, it may appear to be younger than it was at your death, this is usually the case if you die at an old age. You can often become confused and disoriented when you first notice that you are unable to effect three dimentional reality. Death does not always occur at one particular point in time, it is a process, this is why some people may not be aware at first that they have died and so they might compulsively try to reenter three dimensional reality. This occures most often in cases of sudden or unexpected death, the shock of sudden death can often create great confusion which tends to disorient you. Don't worry because you are never left alone to suffer in states of confusion or disorientation there are literally legions of souls who are ready, willing and able to help you if you need it. You will be informed telepathically of your new condition. Every means available is used to help usher you into death, to comfort and to make you feel secure there.

So lets begin the journey, the first important dimension you will enter I will now refer to as the reunion room. This is not a physical room but an environment created to help ease your stress and assure you everything is fine with you. This place can assume many forms and will usually contain recreations of familiar and cherished objects, landscapes, and people from your memories of your life on earth. Here you will also be met by close relatives or friends who have passed over. In some instances a particular friend or relative may have already progressed away from the reunion room, they may have moved to more distant regions of death many dimensions away and their primary attentions are usually focused there. In these kinds of cases other souls you may not know have been trained to assume your friend or relatives identity and play their roles for the sake of comforting you until you can reach them later. The reunion room is where you will begin to notice that your new bodies new freedoms and talents. Here you will be less bound by the rules of three dimensional physics. You will also experience heightened telepathy which will operate without psychological obstruction, thus everyone around you will know exactly how you feel about them. If you have any friends or relatives you do not like, they will know it and they will react to the information in whatever manner is native to them. If you did not have any friends or relatives you honestly liked or loved during your last life time then you may meet other relatives or friends from a past life whom you do like. You are never left alone unless you choose to be alone, even then, you will gradually come to realize that what you are is in fact a crowd of identities, all of whom believe themselves to be the one and only you. When you realize that you are many identities yourself, your oneness with everyone and everything will become much more obvious and then your self imposed isolation will seem totally absurd.

The emotional bonding and sharing with those whom you love and who love you is very soothing and healing for your soul and is an essential part of the preparations for the greater challenges that are to come in the next stages of death. Your friends and relatives will help you to understand that you are dead and they will then help you comprehend your new life in the death enviroment.

Each region or dimension of the death can be described as a type of school. All the experiences within them are meant to teach you about yourself and about your previous life and to help prepare you for your next life. There is a period of basic training in which you learn to operate and control your new bodies extended powers and abilities. I say many but not all because there are many exceptional people who during their life times learn to be more conscious of the death condition within their nightly dreams. These souls will not need to adjust as much to their new body.

Your new body is endowed with greater powers which allow you to move objects at a distance, fly breathe under water, walk through walls, shrink or inflate it to any size. Here you will also be made whole if you suffered from a any physical handicaps, deformities or debilitating illness. Your astounding good health and vitality will be felt deep down. Your third eye will be opened so you will be able to see into your past lives and into your future life.

Your sexuality will be reassigned to you according to your needs. You may find that you are the same sex that you were in your last life, unless you found that sex to be uncomfortable, then you will be able to assume the opposite sex if that is what you truly desire. But generally your male and female sides will become more balanced.

You will find that your sensory data will be heightened and your sexual desires maybe exaggerated. You could experience many moments of sheer bliss as you discovery your new bodies extraordinary ablilties.

After you learn to use your new skills and I say the word ŇafterÓ only to announce a change, you will be allowed into another dimension in which the beliefs, thoughts and desires which you formed during your past life will be the object and subject of your next experience. This dimension will immediately surround you, itŐs atmosphere is made of illusions, this fact may not be apparent to you right away. I call this dimension the halls of hallucination. The substance of this dimension will instantly morph into your most intimate beliefs and desires to envelope you in a very realistic flesh and blood recreation of your previous world view. This is a surreal theatrical production which exists on quite a cosmic scale. It will no doubt take your breath away. Here many hallucinated dramas and adventures take place.This dimension allows you to play the hero or the villain as dictated by your own dreams and aspirations and fears. For instance, if during your previous life you had been abnormally repressing your sexuality, then vivid sexual scenes may suddenly appear before you drawing you into them. So compelling is this dimension that some find it hard to escape without some help. If you believe strongly in a heaven or hell, here is where you will be able to recreate these places in living Technicolor but fortunately not for anything like an eternity. Boredom is a universal catalyst for change, so in life, so in death. Ultimately your own boredom will eventually wake you out of your misery. You may also experience here the love, honor or opulence you may have missed but very much desired in life. This dimension may be very hard for some to control because there are no time lags between what is desired and what is then experienced. When you find yourself in the halls of hallucination you should know that any frightening or disturbing experiences can be instantly transformed by simply refocusing your awareness on some other subject matter. Hallucinations receive all their power from your beliefs and focused thoughts so they will vanish without them. No matter how interacted your beliefs or obsessions are this stage can be very cathartic and deeply instructive. It is a fleshing out of your deepest thoughts and desires.

Hallucinations are used to awaken you to the power of your beliefs and to reveal your true motives. There are always many trained souls ready to help you, if you should get trapped in your own hallucinations.

After you get used to your new bodies powers and have cleared your psyche of most of your deepest fears then the next level or dimension you will enter is a place I call life review. Here you will be shown your life almost like a three dimensional movie that you can examine and fully participate in you will be allowed to play not only your part but every other persons part as well in every event that had meaning for you during your life time.This should be a very intense and stimulating process and your greatest learning may occur within this dimension. Your new telepathy will give you added insight into the motivations of all those whom you knew during your life. The truth behind every word and deed, behind all social facades will be revealed . Your own motivations will also become self evident. You can not hide from yourself here. Here you will also be taught to manipulate time. Time can be made to run like movie either forwards and backwards. Your lives experiences will be projected and reviewed upside down, right side up, and even inside out. You will be able to assume the roles of any of your friends or relatives so that you can come to appreciate their perspectives as you never could in life. After this you will see yourself for who you really were in your last life and therefore you will be able to choose the circumstances of your next life more wisely.

From the life review you will be given a choice as to which way you would like to travel. Some may choose to have experiences in the next dimension which I call probabablity potentials. Within this dimension live the many other versions of you which left you at each decision point of your life . Other versions of you which may still be alive on earth when you are dead. These probable versions of you exist in parallel universes, places which may or may not resemble our familiar earth life. Let me give you a simple example, say for instance, that you were married to a man named Bill your whole life yet there existed the possibility that you could have married another man named Steve, then in another dimension you are married to Steve instead of Bill. Every decision you have ever made throughout your life time has given birth millions of other dimensions. there are infinite possible variations on your life which exist in parrell dimensions. You may become overwhelmed at as you realize the profound effects that your every choice has had on the other worlds, other universes. As you explore your probable selves you will witness how other versions of you are living with the choices not made by you in your past life but choices that you could have made and the experiences that flow from those choices. Here the multiple layers of your soul will be revealed to you. You will be surprised to know that anything that could happened to you did and does happened to you in other parallel dimensions. Here you may at times get the feeling of unbridled expansion as if you have transformed into a great galaxy which is whirling somewhere out in space, holding an infinite number of stars in itŐs arms, all of whom are you.

Many souls will now choose to reincarnate at this leg of the journey and they will enter a dimension I call eternal return. This dimension is again about choices but these choices are concerning your next life. Many decisions will need to be made here, as always there is plenty of advice and help offered if you want it. You must for instance choose your next mother and father and the historical context of your birth, as well as your next sex, and the abilities and talents you wish to explore. I may add that if you have had a strong preference of one sex over the other, that is, if you have previously chosen to reincarnate more as a female or male then you may need to accept the imposition of the unfavored sex. This is a situation that can often lead to homosexuality which is taken into account and the appropriate adjustments are made. After this the purposes and overall goals of your next life are drawn up and sealed so they can be communicated to you telepathically throughout your next life. You will find that there are so many details to attend to. Its much like assembling an intricate puzzle, you must fit your new life neatly into a historical context, into a new family context and into a culture context. People whom you are destined to meet, your future relatives and friends may come to collaborate with you on some of your choices and time considerations your next life is very much a social project.

Let me talk a little about the concept of time and space as it is experienced in death. Time is still a felt reality after death but it is not measured with days, weeks or years, the sun does not rise and fall there. Instead light comes in from all directions without any specific source and time is felt to exist in its more raw form, as change or movement, which delivers you from one state to another. You do not travel through space to get from one place to another instead the place travels to you. Time exists but itŐs direction of motion, past, present, future, may be abstractly juxtaposed. You might be wondering at this point if in the face of all this opportunity for self discovery during death why do some people seem to choose such terribly difficult lives full of hardship and misery. There are many reason why some people may choose a life of hardship and pain. In some cases people will choose to reincarnate after only very slight or superficial self analysis and just a very general review of their previous lives purposes and meaning and so they will launch themselves prematurely into a disastrous set of circumstances. In death there is no coercion, for gender assignment in which case one sex over the other may be imposed on an individual otherwise you are absolutely free to choose whateveer kind of life you want. Some individuals may simply miss earth life and they can not bear to stay away from earth too long. Others may be drawn back to life very quickly because of a compulsive mission they are on or to complete a project they started in their last life. There are as many circumstances and motivations as there are souls. It is important to remember that you are an eternal being and in the light of your eternal soul pain and hardship can be the best tools for learning in the short term. Ultimately hardship and pain are illusory and harmless but very strong medicine none the less.

With the new powers of your etherial body you will be allowed to see your future life's destiny and these impressions will stay with you subconsciously after you are born again. When all your critical choices have been made you may then enter into a fetus. You can choose to enter into your fetus anywhere up to a year or so before conception (this is a virtual fetus) up to the time of your birth when you presence is always required as a calming and organizing influence on the basic consciousness of the living cells that make up your new earth body. With your new body you will also be given a new ego, one which is totaly unique and unlike any other.

Not everyone decides to reincarnate at the very same stage of death. There are individuals who at the same reincarnation juncture decide to take a different route. Some people will decide to explore their creativity in a dimension I call chrysalis, in this dimension you learn to understand the creative powers of your thoughts and imagination and to plum thier depths. Here you are made aware of the creative potential within every thought and idea. You are taught to split your awareness and pursue thoughts beyond the borders of your psyche and to watch their effects on other dimensions. You learn literally to track your thoughts after they have left your mind. This can be one of the most fulfilling dimension for those who are naturally artistic and creative here the infinite capacity of your mind for invention and creation will amaze you. A thought is created by you but when it leaves your psyche it lives on to produce and create in other realities. Thoughts can and do create other objects and beings, beings who will also be able to create on thier own levels. It is facinating to watch your own thoughts spinning into universes where their energy is transformed into living things.

There is yet another option before reincarnation is chosen and I call this dimension the sanatorium, this dimension is made for those who have had a very difficult life or even a series of difficult reincarnations. It is made for those who are in need of a good rest in a place free of choices. Here you can recuperate and reenergize, here all weary souls are enveloped in divine love, play, laughter and joy. Every form of recreation is available to you and all the pressures of choice are removed. Thus a very deep emotional and psychological healing can take place. The refreshed soul can then take on new and even more difficult challenges later on.

That brings us to the end of this journey. There are many other kinds of experiences within deaths domain but they are extremely complex and difficult to describe. However all the roads eventual lead back to life. Even after your whole reincarnation cycle is completed there will still be new adventures far away from our earth on other planets and galaxies and in other dimensions. Some of these places may resemble our physical earth and some may not but as far as my inner vision lets me see the evidence is that the our adventures never end. So dear friends we will never end, happy travels .

Bon Voyage

Written by Avananda


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