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Wood Chopper

Wood Chopper Purpose

This exercise is also a great tension release for the middle shoulder area and the neck. But it may be used to energize and stimulate the whole body and is a great warm up for your yoga sessions.

Wood chopper Instructions

This exercise is preformed with INHALATION through the nose and EXHALATION through the mouth. The Exhalation is always very vigorous.

Stand with the feet apart and placed just under each shoulder. The feet are pointed slightly out. Clasp your hands in front of you and raise them above your head, bend the elbows and let your hands drop behind the head. INHALE then EXHALE as you very vigorously swing your arms up and down in front of your body. Fold over at your hips, keep your back flat and your legs straight. In one continuous motion swing your arm through your legs exhaling completely. Now INHALE let your arms come back up infront of your body. Lift up your torso until your standing straight up with the arms up and back behind your head again. NOW turn your torso to the left and EXHALE vigorously through the mouth, as you swing your arms down to the left. Swing the arms through the legs but slightly turned to the left. INHALE up again. Turn to the RIGHT and EXHALE come down with your arms and swing through the legs turned slightly to the right. INHALE come back up. This is one set. THIS IS A CONTINUOUS MOTION EXERCISE. This exercise may be preformed as many times as you feel comfortable with. We recommend three sets.

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