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The Warrior

Warrior Purpose

Promotes balance. Strengthens the legs, stretches the spine and releases tension in the back and shoulders. Gives the body both grace and strength.

Warrior Instructions

Stand erect. Bend your elbows and place your hands palms pressed together in front of your chest. Step out the right leg as far as you can without making your hips uncomfortable, keep the right foot facing forward, turn the left foot slightly into the pose. INHALE then EXHALE and bend the right knee sit down into a sitting pose as far as is comfortable, making sure that the right knee never extends over the right foot. INHALE lift your arms up keeping the palms pressed together, lift your head up with your arms, try to keep the head between the arms. Exhale as you lean backward looking up and back if you can. Hold for a short time and reverse the movement as you come back. Bend the right knee and jump the right leg back to the legs together standing position. Repeat on the other side completing one set. Two sets may be practiced.

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