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Upwardfacing Dog

Upward Dog Purpose

This posture stretches the muscles in the middle of your shoulders and the nape of the neck, but it also opens the chest and strengthens the whole body. Upwardfacing dog aligns the spine and invigorates the kidneys and nervous system. It stimulates circulation which helps reduce stress.

Upward Dog Instruction

Start on all fours, knees together, hands under each shoulder. Keep your arms straight and chin up. INHALE then EXHALE now thrust your chest forward and lower your buttocks to the floor. Your thighs should come down to the floor. Hips tilted up. Hold. Take several breaths. Look up and and slightly back. Feel The shoulder and neck muscles recieve a profound stretch. Now take a deep breath and return to your original position on all fours.This is one set, do two sets.

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