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Undulating Spine Stretch

Undulating Spine Stretch Purpose

This exercise is one in a series designed to relieve stress and tension from the middle of your shoulders and the nape of the neck. By contracting and stretching these areas tension is released from the whole body.

Undulating Spine Stretch Instructions

Start by standing with the legs apart, feet facing forward and placed right underneath the shoulders. Bend both knees. Place the palms of the hands on the knees, continue to keep the arms straight, begin to sit down further and further not quite to knee level, you should feel your shoulder muscles stretch. Feel the stretch in the spine. Now INHALE leading with your chin, keep your head up then EXHALE slowly, keep your back flat as you lower your torso and bend your elbows. You should feel the shoulder muscles contract as you come down, look down at the floor in the extreme downward position, drop your head forward, expell your breath completely. Now INHALE as you round your back and lift the torso up again. Do not let the hands loose contact with the knees. Lift your head and look up. This is one set do three sets.

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