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Swan Pose

Swan Purpose

: This pose flexes and strengthens the spine, shoulders, arms, wrists, chest, throat and pelvic area. It also effects the abdominal area, increasing its flow of blood and energy. The abdominal organs are massaged and the second position also limbers the knee and hip joints. The shoulders and arms receive a good stretch, toning the muscles and preventing fat deposits. This posture is good for straightening the back and shoulders. The movements help the peristaltic activity, therefore maintains healthful digestion and elimination. it is most effevtive in reducing the fat on the abdomen.


Start in modified Child pose with the arms stretched out infront of you. Inhale, Turn the toes in and lift your buttocks and press forward keeping your head down, then gently lift the head and shoulders by pushing off of your hands which should be positioned under the shoulders. Exhale. Inhale Straighten your arms lift your shoulder , chest and head up and look up. Hold for several breaths. Exhale. Gently lower the shoulders and chest to the ground. Now begin to lift the buttocks up and pull back into Child pose. This is one round do several rounds.

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