Surya Bheda


Surya means sun. The path of the sun is the right nostril. When you inhale solely through the right nostril you generate heat energy which is sent out through your body. Impurites are dispelled. The movement of Prana is unblocked. You are vibrating at a higher frequency which helps your immune system in general. This kinetic energy may be used to release psychic forces.

Instructions for Surya Bheda breathing exercise

With this breathing exercise you inhale slowly through the right nostril while closing the left nostril Now close both nostrils and apply Jalandhara Bandha. Lift the chin, keep the right nostril closed and exhale through the left nostril. Try to gradually increase your period of breath retention.

Build up to ten repetitions of Surya Bheda in the beginning, eventually you may do forty repetitions.

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