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Prone Half Lotus

Prone Half Lotus Purpose

This exercise will stretch the muscles of the neck, upper, middle and lower back and shoulder areas which helps to reduce tension. The other benifits are that the hip joints are opened and massaged, it also envigorated the organs in the abdominal region.

Prone Half Lotus Instructions

Lay on the floor. Bend both knees, placing the heel of the foot next to the buttocks. Lift your arms up clasp the hands together and lay the hands palms up behind the neck. Now lift and cross the right leg over the left bent leg. INHALE then EXHALE as you lift both your legs and head up to meet each other. Feel the abdominal muscles contract. Bring the elbow up and in, press the chin against the chest. Hold for a few sec. INHALE as you release this hold. Repeat these movements with the other leg. This is one set. Do two sets.

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