Mantra Yoga

Union Through Speech and The Science of Sound

Mantra Yoga maintains that everything in nature, all objects, whether they be animate or inanimate, are composed of sound vibrations. It is sound vibration which is at the heart of all matter and it is sound which is the mortar within all physical forms. Sound is a cohesive, an energy glue which holds physical forms together. All physical objects are composed of sound and each physical object, be it an insect, a rock, a building, a planet, or a human being, resonates their own particular harmonic note, this harmonic note is the physical signature of that object and is the key to its fundamental material organization. So theoretical if you knew the exact harmonic note of say a particular building, you could send in a corresponding discordant note and bring the structure down, you could literally destroy its form with nothing but sound vibration. Sound has vast constructive and destructive properties, and these tremendous powers are the principle subject of the science of Mantra Yoga. There are remarkable similarities in the beliefs of the science of Mantra Yoga and current theoretical research into String theory, String theory holds that within the atom are the basic elements of energy which are described as vibrating strings, these strings vibrate at different frequencies, these frequencies make up the fundamental substance of everything physical. I think Science is onto something. What is old, is new again.

Your thoughts are what generate your speech, and your thoughts posses an inaudible overtone that contributes to your unique harmonic note. If you could discover your own particular harmonic note, with some effort you could gradually raise your vibration to a higher octave, and so eventually you could rise above all mental and physical disease, and raise the state of your physical organism in general, this is one of the primary goals of Mantra Yoga.

As an example, you could be vibrating somewhere in the key of C . You can discover your own personal note by singing or humming various notes out loud to yourself. Some notes will feel uncomfortable, unpleasant, or even irritating, but when you find your own personal note you'll know it because your whole body will begin to resonate and vibrate, you will feel your note inside your organs and it will feel quite exhilarating. In silent meditation you can focus your mind to listen for the sound of your own being, it is there. To help you to find your own note you must first let every thing else disappear, then it will appear. When you discover what your note is you can then try to raise the frequency of your note by sounding the note which is immediately above it. You can then sing or hum this higher note to yourself or you can record it and then listen to it a few minutes every day. Caution: If you should find sounds within you which have very sharp peeks and very low valleys and which are close together, in sharper contrast, it is indicative of discord or psychological disturbance. You must get help from a yoga teacher, someone who understands and has been trained in the Science of Mantra Yoga.

Your mind is equally influenced by discordant sounds and can be greatly disturbed, and even made to go mad, by certain ranges of sound waves. On the other hand there are also harmonic sound waves that have immense therapeutic benefits on your mind and body. Within the realm of curative sound waves are some types of music, many Baroque pieces fall in this category of music which can heal. Some beautifully rhymed poetry as well as the sound of bells, and various sounds of nature, such as, water falling, birds singing, wind through a forest, gentle rainfall, waves gently rolling up on a beach, also have healing effects.

Your harmonic note is primarily expressed to the world through your speech and the inaudible sound of your thoughts and desires. You are revealing your note to the world through the combination of the sound of your voice and the sound of the words you use, their measure and rythunm but also their meaning and intent. You literally send out your personal note, your inaudible and audible signature, into the atmosphere with every sound you utter and every thought you think.

Your thoughts are alive, they are a type of multidimensional music and you are the composer. Your thoughts are like notes which are living and which have a life after you think them. Thoughts are things which are magnetic, in this case like seeks like, so in effect you never think alone. In the deepest sense there is no such thing as original thought, there is only thought which is held in trust from the great volume of thought of all the other individuals who are thinking the same thought, at the same time, or from those now dead who also had thought the same thoughts. Thoughts are interwoven, and because they posses a magnetism, they are attracted to each other by certain themes, as for instance when you begin to think about some subject, other thoughts connected to that subject are attracted to your original thoughts, then a stream of consciousness occurs. You thus tune into the vast psychic sea of contributed thoughts from every other mind interested in the same subject. Thoughts are reinforced not only by your own related memory data but also by the thoughts which exists in the greater psychic atmosphere of earth. This is the inside nature of thought and why it is absolutely necessary to control your thoughts. If you are always thinking negative thoughts automatically more negative thoughts will be attracted to your original thoughts until there is a cascade of negative thinking which you will often feel helpless to control. Tremendous mental and physical suffering can be simply the result of careless negative thinking.

Your words are also extremely powerful as is the overall mental condition or mood in which they are said, this is what gives them their power. You are sending out your psychic signature, you are revealing the strength and integrity of your being to the world, with every word you speak and every thought you think. So watch what you say, don't use words carelessly, they are extremely effective in impressing the atmosphere with your persona and in shaping your moment to moment destiny. The power of your thoughts are always reinforced by being spoken. Speak with conviction, spare the quantity of your words for their quality. Say words your truly mean or else stay silent. If you say mean or hurtful things to someone your words could do a lot of damage to the structure of that persons psyche and psychology which he or she has had to put alot of energy into forming, and ultimately it will not help them to change. The creation of a persons ego is a linking up of past, present and future thoughts and actions, it often represents great effort and sacrifice on the part of the person, you must not go along and casually breakdown the edifices of other peoples lives with your harsh words of criticism, condemnation, or sarcastic humor. If you don't care for someone it is better to send them positive verbal and mental messages which will help them restructure there own thought patterns and construct them in a more life affirming pattern. Think of your enemy as someone who is already perfected, see them transformed into a loving, healthy, emotionally balanced individual, these images will telepathically penetrate them, and they will be renewed by it to the degree that they are subconsciously willing to accept it. Love is the only effective way to change your anyone.

Now I don't what you to become afraid of any casual negative thought which may happen to stray through your psyche, the problem with negative thinking only arises after prolonged repetition of their characteristic patterns of sound vibration, this repetition of the thought will then form images which will gain more energy from their being repeated. Then these negative thought images will begin to drain you of your emotional and mental energy, and they may even begin to exist apart from you, in the greater psychic atmosphere of the earth, where they will unite with other thoughts and images of its own type. This gathering together of thought images is true of positive ideas as well as negative ones and this phenomenon is most evident in the area of invention and imaginative creations.

Your whole mental life is consumed by a cacophony of sound vibrations because you have accumulated so much sound data from the sound activity which surrounds you in the exterior world. Your mental processes are associative by nature and this is also true in the case of your accumulated sound data. Each sound vibration that you hear out in nature has a recorded and registered emotional memory associated with it, your emotions can bring up either associated words or other associated physical sounds. This is why it can get very noisy inside your heads. Your mind is a storehouse of millions of sound impression and their associated feelings and emotions. All these sounds can sometimes reach a crescendo of noisy activity especially if you are under stress. Your memory is stimulated by sound to a large extent and your sound memories have associated emotion attached to them which are established by your previous experiences with that particular sound.

It may surprise you to know that fear can be cured through sound therapy. Have you ever noticed that when you feel troubled or burdened by a problem, it helps you to talk about it with a friend or a counselor, in talking it out you feel a definite emotional release, this is sound therapy in action, you are releasing fear with its corresponding sounds which are the words which describe the condition. This is why we all want to tell someone our story. There may be many hidden fears within you which are languishing there because they have been ignored or pushed down into your subconscious. You can begin to insulate yourselves from some your fears by first recognizing them, then talking to someone about them, and lastly by frequently singing or humming your own harmonic note. Don't ever underestimate the therapeutic miracle of sound.

Sometimes you may find that you speak before a thought has had time to crystallize, or you may lose a thought or the trend of the idea altogether because you spoke to soon. You should let your thoughts incubate before you speak, if your words have no depth of meaning if your always shallow, then you will feel constantly distracted, empty, depressed, bored, and uncertain. Shallow waters will never quench the thirst of your immortal soul. In silent meditation you can regain your psychological depth and potency and you can discover your natural psychic powers as well, this is the beginning of true self confidence. The power of sound is developed in silent meditation and later exhibited in your beliefs, your words, and your deeds. Speech is a necessary form of communication between mind and mind, use the power of your words and thoughts to increase wisdom, love, and joy, for yourself and for all of humanity. Think no evil, Speak no evil, Do no evil instead Think love, Speak love, Do love.

Written by AVA

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