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The Leg Warm-Up


This is a warm up series to strengthen the large muscles of the legs in preparation for standing postures. The knees get a good workout so if you have problems with your knees you might find this series difficult.


Keel on the floor, keep your arms by your side at all times during the series of movements do not use them to help you up. Now INHALE then as you exhale sit down to your left side so that the left hip is on the floor and the knees are laying on top of each other. EXHALE, then INHALE, pull yourself up to the kneeling position again, do not use your arms to help you up. EXHALE Now INHALE, bring out your left leg and place the left foot flat on the floor in front of you. Using the muscles of the left thigh, and without the assistance of your arms, lift yourself up into a standing position. Stand with your spine straight EXHALE. Now rest in standing position, EXHALE deeply several times to release the tension. This is the end of one cycle. Repeat the same sequence on the right side. Four to five sets may be preformed before standing posture series begins.

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