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The Lotus Pose

Lotus Instruction

Sit with legs extended forward. Take the left foot and bring it up onto the right thigh, with the soles of the foot upturned. Now take the right foot and bring it up over the left leg so that it can be similarly placed on the left thigh. Getting the right leg up over the left thigh may present problems for some, so try try again. It helps to do the Rock the Cradle pose first as well as some ankle rolls. Sit with the back very straight when in pose.

The Lotus Pose Purpose

This pose is the most important and probably the most familiar of all the yoga poses. It is easily acquired by those with supple limbs other find it almost impossible but its worth while to attemp it you may be surprised at your ability. It is called the lotus pose because the position of the feet in the pose resemble lotus petals. This pose provides a firm base on which to sit for meditation , as the spine is allowed to straighten to an erect position. There is a theory in yoga that during meditation all body energies should be conserved for the meditation process, so the points at which energy usually escapes should be conserved or sealed. Energy it is thought usually escapes through the soles of the feet and through the palms of the hands and fingers, so by crossing the feet on the thighs energy is conserved. This is also why the fingers of both hands touch and are placed on the knees. This pose promotes suppleness in the legs and ankles.

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