The Inner Mind Of Man


Infinity Extends Outward Through Space And Time.

Infinity Extends Inward Through Spirit And Mind.

There exists within every human being the capacity to connect to a vast inner world of subjective experience.Personality Sphere Within each person exists a multidimensional universe, more extensive, more brilliant, and even more wonderful than the external universe you know and understand. The shocking news is that you can go there, infact, you already go there, via your day dreams, and via your night dreams. Your conscious mind can now also go there because consciousness is currently evolving it's previously lost inner sight.

You may wonder where did you come from, why are you here, what purpose is there to existence, and what point, if any, is there to life at all.You may find answers to these vital questions from your institutions of learning, from your religions, or from your family and friends. In western cultures we tend look to Science to give us the final word on the question of what is our origin and what is our true nature. In our quest to understand what is life we are sometimes let down by these various institutions. Science, for instance still sees consciousness as a mere byproduct of an accidental and blind process of nature called evolution. It is sad to think that such an unfertile and drab conclusion could have be drawn about consciousness after probing nature with a consciousness so full of intellectual curiosity and conviction. Consciousness is considered by the sciences to be a mere byproduct of matter's complex chemical and biological processes. This is upside down reasoning and it puts too heavy a burden on reason itself. The sciences, at least for the moment, can not be relied upon to give us valuable insight into the nature consciousness or even into the origins of life.

Religions sometimes fail in the task of assigning enough importance to the phenomenon of the inner mind, but they at least recognizes the existence of an inner mind. These religions fail when they over mythologize the nature of spiritual reality or when they try to make it appear out of reach of the ordinary mind. They may objectify God to an extreme and so create an artificial rift between you and the manifestation of God within you. Some religions miss the mark by cementing higher spiritual realities into strict dogma or conventional morality. There are many religions which are only guilty of over simplifying the inner mind's rich complexity. There are a few Yoga sects which may have been heavily influenced by concurrent religious ideologies, these sects sometimes outright disapprove of personal revelation allowing such experiences only for those special cases usually their own leaders or gurus. These states of bliss and ecstacy have been projected into realms that are unobtainable except for the very few. Nirvana, or the ultimate reunion with "God" or "All That Is" is thus put out of reach and made exploitable as a mere concept that may be described in the most flamboyant languange but can not be experienced by ordinary people. The truth is that there are, in fact, no barriers to God, no secret codes to decode, no impossibly complex combinations of sounds to utter, God is not in his name, and God does not reside in some exclusive domain only accessible to the few. Everything that is, is God. Wether your an ordinary person or an extraordinary person you are equally in God and God is equally in you. Therefore your mind, your ordinary mind, is God, and there is no reason that you could use it to find God.

Now that the subject of consciousness has found respect from psychology there is hope that more new insights into the mystery of what consciousness is will emerge. Still Psychology, in its present state, fails to address the subject of man's inner mind with any genuine seriousness, their insights about the nature of consciousness have thus far been largely superficial. Their insights are shallow because their questions are shallow, meaning that, they are mostly interested in the egos and it's development and condition, and in it's ability to function and to assimilate itself into modern society. They are intellectually transfixed on the egos relationship to the infamous Id, and of course the id's big brother the great task master himself the Superego. Psychology dwells therefore primarily on the causes and effective cures for aberrant behavior, they generally do not deal with the ultimate nature of man's consciousness. Psychology probes only the surface of consciousness and attempts to make repairs there, while missing the rich universe of spiritual experiences there just behind normal or even abnormal consciousness.

In spite of the wests rejection of a dynamic inner reality, many portions of society are starting to recognize the importance and validity of internal events. Large numbers of people now count as significant the existence of a world of experience apart from their awake conscious experience and are admitting openly that the unknown potentials within consciousness can be known. There is a whole movement of people who now believe in extra sensory perception or telepathy as an alternate and real means of communication. There seems to be an awakening happening, awakening to the enormous potentials of human consciousness. This has reached the ordinary citizen before it reached his institutions. This is a positive sign that man is beginning to accept the existence of other means of cognition, other than those which are officially recognized by traditional science and so is willing to trust his own experience. If telepathy were to become widely accepted as a true and a valid phenomenon, then automatically new and more radical ideas about the nature of consciousness would begin to emerge. These new concepts about the nature of consciousness will also revise our ideas about the nature of reality in general and will eventually spawn a revolution of thinking around the world. Then a new science will be born, the science of the Inner Mind, future (Inner Mind Scientists) will not be confined to the study of abnormal or even normal consciousness, they will instead turn their investigations onto to Super-normal consciousness, the God which is Man. At that point deep self knowledge will become much more common place as mans inherent genius and transcendent powers are finally revealed.

So the doors to this inner world are now beginning to open and the news is that each of you has access to a vast inner universe of experience. You are each born from this inner universe of the self and you are also supported by it even if you remain entirely unaware of the whole phenomenon. You can confirm through experience that not only does this inner world exist but it's many dimensions are there to be freely explored and discovered. Your inner universe is as real as your external universe, think of it as a vast new frontier which exists inside your being, it is there just waiting for you to explore it.

You can come to know these inner dimensions of yourself with the same mind you are now using to comprehend this essay. It is not so difficult to open the portal just a little and take a look inside. The greatest treasures in life can be found right at home, in your own backyard, in your own being. The knowing which you will acquire from exploring your own consciousness will enrich and edify you more than anything you have experienced in the external world. You have access to this inner landscape of yourself primarily through your dreams, where these alternate realities are available to you free of charge.

This inner world, this spiritual frontier, is also accessible even with your conscious mind, it caould be done through the art of meditation or out of body techniques. When you achieve deep states of meditation it is as if you are focusing the light of your focused conscious attention onto the feelings and impressions that are streaming at you every moment from this internal spiritual world. Allow your imagination and curiosity to launch your conscious mind into the depths of own psyche and you'll be amazed at what you find there. Your mind is truely the last great frontier, explore it with courage and enthusiasm.

A conspiracy of philosophies may sometimes keep you from ever trying to find out who you truly are . Maybe you have always felt intimidated by life. It could be the external cosmos with its fantastic and imposing architecture which can make you feel small, insignificant and pointless. These feelings of insignificance are further exacerbated by our cultures general ignorance about the fantastic potential of the human psyche. So your little life can often seem to be absolutely meaningless and absurd, but what becomes self evident is that life is not meaningless, nor is it absurd. the experiential evidence is that your being, your soul, is infinite and eternal, and it's existence has great meaning, it posses a logic which is crystal clear totally comprehensible and super-logical. You need to become self confident and self aware, then you might begin to realize the awesome truth about yourself about who you really are, Gods in making like the production of stars.

Sooner or later it is going to happen, you are going to learn who you rally are, it is the inevitable course of conscious evolution, so why not make it sooner than later. Start right this moment, start becoming more aware of your thoughts and impressions think of yourself as a spirit that is living periodically both in and out of a physical body, a physical body which is also secretly made from Spirit. Dream that you are a muti-dimentional time traveler hurling through space, impressing matter with your will and desire forever in the motion of becoming youself. Imaage that you have no beginning or no ending.

Many of you will find that you have a very strong instinct for this information you may posses a desire to understand yourself more deeply, this can, by itself, help to open the doors to your own inner universe. When you meditate just point the arrows of your curiosity towards the heart of your being and see how much love pours out.

Written by Avananda



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