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Head to Feet Pose


This asana primarily strengthens the legs , but also stretches the arm muscles and the upper back. It will work the knees, so be careful if you have had a prior injury there.


Stand with your legs apart but not so much that it puts a strain on your hips. Turn the foot of the left foot out forty five degrees. Clasp your hands behind your back, turn the chest to face in the same direction as the left foot. INHALE as you EXHALE press the chest forward over the left leg while you simultaneously bend the knee of the left leg. Do not push the knee past the ankle of the left foot. Lay the chest on the thigh here if you need to rest or regain your stability. Then lift the chest off the thighs and continue to bend the knee. Lower the chest down as far as you can. Place the head down and try to touch the foot with the head if you can EXHALE completely. Hold the pose for several breaths. Then tighten the muscles of the left leg and on the INHALATION lift the chest up as you gradually straighten the knee. Come back to the standing position unlock the hand and stand in relaxed posture. Breathe deeply with long deep EXHALATIONS. Repeat on the other side. May be preformed once or twice in a session.

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