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Headstand Pose


1) As the body is turned upside down, the heart need not work on pumping the blood back up from the legs. This gives a heart a very well deserved rest. Also this helps with people suffering from varicose veins ( which is a common problem with many women after pregnancy ). 2) The upside down position of the body also relieves the pressure on the lower back there by relieving any tension there. 3) As the head is held lower than the heart, there is a lot more blood circulation to the brain ( which needs about 20% of the total blood circulation in the body to function properly ). The rich and fresh supply of oxygen to the brain enhances the brain functions which also aids in proper physical functioning of all the organs ).

Head Stand Instructions

Kneel down and rest your weight on your forearms. Wrap your hands around your elbows. Release your hands and place them in front of you, with fingers interlocked. Your elbows should now be locked into position. Place the back of the head in your clasped hands and the crown of your head on the floor. This should form a secure tripod and give you a firm foundation for the inverted body position. INHALE straighten you knees and raise your hips EXHALE. Without bending the knees, walk your feet into the body. Pull your hips back so that your neck is not bent backward or forward but rather is in a straight line with the spine. INHALE Bend the knees into your chest and lift your feet up off the floor, pulling your hips backward into alignment with the spine. EXHALE and PAUSE here . Do not immediately attempt to raise your legs up. Find your balance. INHALE keep the knees bent as you lift up the legs, straighten the legs then EXHALE. Breathe through your nose, try to keep from swaying, hold as long as possible. Then Come down very slowly reversing the sequence of actions exactly. Preform this pose once in a session.

Overcoming Your Fear

The main problem in doing the Head Stand commonly occurs even before attempting to do the Head Stand -- that is fear of the unknown. It helps to meditate and imagine oneself in the the different stages of the Head Stand pose. Another fear that commonly occurs is how will it feel once you get into the Head Stand, whether there will be any weird sensations to handle when the body goes upside down. It feels perfectly alright and normal when your entire body weight is balanced on the elbows and very little weight is placed on the head. When the pose is done correctly, it really feels alright. To get over the above mentioned fears, go to a corner of a room then place your head on the carpet and come up half way, then request the help of a spotter to lift your feet off the ground until the legs get straightened up above your head and the feet touch the wall. Hold on to this position for a few seconds. You should be able to comfortably hold on in the Head Stand pose for a few seconds with the feet being held by another person and supported by the wall. You will also realize that this pose is really quite easy ( particularly with the wall support ) and much more simple than you had earlier thought and this can be a wonderful feelng.

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