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The Forward Bend with Hands Under Feet

Forward Bend Purpose

One of the most effective poses for lumbago and back pain. It is also very effective in reducing weight around the waist and for increasing ones height.

Forward Bend Instructions

Stand erect, feet six to eight inches apart. Keep your feet parallel right under the hips, INHALE, extend your arms in front of you. Fold forward at the hip, reach your arms out. Keep your back straight as you continue to fold forward. The arms should now be extended forward and your head should be between the arms face down, back straight and flat. EXHALE. You may pause and take another breath, INHALE then EXHALE, keep the arms extended and the back flat as you descend continuing to fold down from the hips. EXHALE when your hands reach the floor. This pose should be done with the legs straight but beginners can bend the knees as needed. Allow the spine to release tension simply let the weight of your torso pull the spine down, let go of any tension in your shoulders or arms, breathe naturally through the nose for several breaths. INHALE hold onto your ankles EXHALE pull your torso and head into your shins, look through your legs. Hold for several seconds, you may wrap your arms around your legs for an added stretch if possible. INHALE let go and bring the hands out, place the palms of the hands face up under each foot, you may bend the knees as you find your balance on your hands. Now straighten your legs if you can. INHALE lift your head and your back up until you feel your shoulders pulling, look up hold and hold your breath for several seconds, then EXHALE and return the head and shoulders to the knees and remove your hands from under your feet. Let your torso hang off your hips. Here you will feel the release of tension from your shoulders and your whole back. Now take a breath INHALE and reverse the movement up. Extend the arms out infront of you, keep the back flat as you ascend back to the standing position then EXHALE completely and stand in standing rest postion. Repeat twice.

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