Stress Relief Exercise

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Extended Arm Stretch

Extended Arm Stretch Purpose

This exercise is one in a series designed to relieve stress and tension from the middle of your shoulders and the nape of the neck. By contracting and stretching these areas tension is released from the whole body.

Extended Arm Stretch Instructions

Bring your arms up to your sides, palms facing down. Try to keep your arms always at shoulder height. INHALE then twist your torso to your right and look at your right hand. Hold the pose as you also hold your breath, for several seconds, then EXHALE and twist to your left and look at your left hand for a few sec. Then come back to center postion where you INHALE Start again this time reverse the twist and turn to the left, hold the pose and your breath, for a few sec. Then EXHALE to turn to the right, completely expell your breath. Return to the center IHALE. That is one set. Do two sets.

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