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Extended Hand to Big Toe Posture


This is a balance exercise which strengthens the legs and stretches the hamstrings. This pose may take some time to master. Try simply standing on one foot in the beginning. Picking a point in front of you and riveting your eyes on it will be helpful in maintaining balance and developing concentration. Concentrate on the breath as well.


INHALE, now bend the right leg and lift the knee up to the chest, grab the big toe with the first two fingers of the right hand. You may not be able to go any further at first. Gain your balance. Look straight ahead EXHALE and extent the right leg out. Place your left hand on your left hip., and stay balanced. INHALE, then EXHALE, bend forward but keep the spine straight as you lift the leg up as high as you can in front of you. Try to touch your chin to your shin. Gaze straight ahead. Do not round the back in an attempt to take the head to the knee. Keep the back extended. hold for a few breaths then release slowly on the EXHALATION. Rest in standing position the repeat on the other side.

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