Categorical Concentration

With meditation you are attempting to narrow down your mental focus, you are attempting to focus your conscious awareness like a laser. The first method towards this end is to learn to concentrate on a catagory of objects, such as trees, or flowers, or gems. You choose the category, then you imagine these objects, see them with your minds eye, you may even want to start with pictures of objects, then close your eyes and envision the objects in the pictures. There may be up to four objects within each category. You must concentrate on each one of the objects, in each category, one at a time. If and when your mind begins to fatigue on any one of the objects, simply move mentally onto the next object in the same category, but always confine your attention to these four objects and nothing else. You should keep your eyes closed during the vizualizations.

By focusing your mind on several objects, instead of just one object, you give your mind more freedom of movement. Then very gradually you can thus train your mind to rest for longer and longer periods of time on a single object. This meditation will help to train you for one-pointed meditation which comes later on.

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