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Body Straight Pose


This pose strengthens the wrists, arms, shoulders, back, buttocks and neck muscles. It greatly improves circulation in the arms. The main focus of this asana is the arms and buttocks.


Lay face down on the floor. Bring your hands up to the shoulders palms down. The tips of the fingers should be in line with the shoulders. Curl the toes under. INHALE, extend your arms pushing upwards, tighten your abdominal, leg and arm muscles. Hold your breath for a few seconds as you hold the pose. Release the breath slowly, EXHALE, bend the elbows gently lower yourself to the floor. INHALE, extend your arms, push up again. This time lift one leg without bending the knee as high as you can while still holding your breath. Hold for only a few seconds then EXHALE and lower the body back to the floor. EXHALE, completely rest for a few seconds the lift up the body and hold for a few sec. Now lift up the other leg and hold for a few sec. This cycle may be preformed two or three times.

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