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The Arm and Leg Raise Pose


This pose is may be used to warm up for backward postures such as the Cobra. This pose is a good as an all around body conditioner, it also prims the back muscles for exercise. It strengthens the back and buttocks, arms, legs and neck. Great for relief of stress tension.

The Arm and Leg Raise Instructions

This pose is a warm up pose. It should be done before other regular Yoga poses. Lay on your stomach and bring your arms up above your head fully extended. Place your chin on the floor. Take a breath INHALE, lift up your head, keep your chin in a fixed postion, face forward. Simultaneously, lift up both the right arm and the left leg up off the floor. Hold your breath when you have achieved the most lift possible for the arm and the leg. Tighten the muscles of the back and the left buttocks. Hold for as long as is comfortable then relaease the breath EXHALE and lower the leg and the arm slowly to the floor. Exhale completly then take several deep breaths as you relax completely on the floor. Bend the elbows a little as your rest your arms on the floor above your head. Let go off all tension turn the heels out toes in and let go of the thigh muscles completely. Then after a good rest put your chin on the floor and lift up your head left arm and right leg and preform the same sequence alternating back and forth for three rounds.

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