The lungs are like bellows which stoke the fires of life within you. The more rich the supply of oxygen, the more vigorous and beautiful is the fire. By breathing deeply you are delivering more oxygen into your system thereby giving your body the vital fuel it needs to nourish all your organs and keep your body strong and healthy.
1 Alternate Nostril Breathing 2 Brahmari 3 Sitkari 4 Sithali 5 Ujjayi
6 Surya Bheda 7 Bhastrika 8 Jalandhara Bandha 9 Uddiyana Bandha 10 Moola Bandha

The phenomenon of breathing constitutes an entire branch of Yoga called Pranayama. Pranayama was developed to study patterns of breathing and their effects on the mind and the body. Pranayama is ultimately about breath control. Ancient Yogis discovered that with breath control you can increase Pranic Energy or life force and control states of consciousness. Pranayama asserts that by bringing in and holding pranic energy through the breath one can control all the forces of the universe, the electric, bio-electric, magnetic and the atomic.

There are three stages to the breathing process, Inhalation which is called (puraka), fills the lungs with air and stimulates the whole body. Retention, is called (kumbhaka) during retention the bodies temperature is raised and the oxygen is absorbed. Exhalation, is called (rechak) here the diaphragm is returned to its original position. The intercostal muscles are contracted and the toxic air is released into the atmosphere. With Pranayama practices, vital energy is distributed throughout the body, ensuring the proper functioning of all the organs and greater levels of physical energy. The magic ratio maintained between the inhalation, retention and exhalation, is 1 4 2 .

You should practice belly breathing which is explained in the Basic Breathing section of this site for the first month. Then you can start your advanced breathing practices with alternate nostril breathing, practice it at least twenty rounds a day or until you can do it automatically. Once you can preform alternate nostril breathing without discomfort you can try (Brahmari) then (Sitkari) then (Sithali), only after these techniques has been well practiced should you move onto one of the more advanced breathing techniques, which are called (Ujjayi) (Surya Bheda) and (Bhastrika).

There are three Bandhas, Bandha or "Locks" are postures which are designed to conserve or hold the vast reserves of energy generated by the advanced breathing exercises. With the assistance of Bandhas you will be better able to convert pranic energy into psychic energy with which you can heal the body and mind and even enjoy out of body experiences. You should start by practicing each one without applying them to the breathing exercises at first. (Jalandhara) and (Moola Bandha) are always used simultaneously during retention of the breath, this is to unite the two basic energies of (Prana) and (Apana), which are the basic energies of life itself. (Uddiyana Bandha) is used after exhalation to push the the Pranapana up into the (Shushumna Nadi). This will ultimately raise the Kundalini and bring in psychological alterations.

A WORD OF CAUTION: Advanced Breathing Exercises are very powerful and sometimes intense psychic experiences will take place. Some people may begin to sense their spiritual selves and may actual begin to fear this experience. Controlled breathing can connect you with your inner being and for some this is a totally alien experience and will provoke fear. When you practice breath control you may notice your powers of perception will improve and sometimes you may develope telepathic perception. Be sure you have prepared yourself for this by clearing your body of chemical toxins with good wholesome vegetarian food. Think positive thoughts as your thoughts will also manifest reality more quickly. Practice sincerely and regularly and you will be astonished at how well you will begin to feel.

A bit about the Breathing Animations, they are meant to give you at a glance comprehension of the exercises, they are not meant to be followed in real time. Please read the instructions and follow them carefully, don't rush your progress. Enyoy the process.



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